My name is Litho, I am from the Caribbean. I am the founder of Slim360. I never thought in my life that I would be a Trainer because when I moved to the US my plan was to become a computer scientist and a movie producer. To make the story short, while I was in the computer program I had no social life because I would spend pretty much a whole day coding, but at the end of the day, no matter how tired I was I would always set aside at least 45 minutes to go to the gym. Plus, I had a work study at the gym of the school that I went. In the gym, people would often come to me for advice or for help.


My call to fitness began when an overweight female student came to me for help to train her even though I wasn't a certified Trainer yet. She was very dedicated to lose weight and change her life because she was diabetes and had high blood pressure. She was on medicatinos for both of them. Over the course of the semester she lost 30lbs. One day while I was training her she told me that she felt dizzy and she was about to faint, it was a dramatic moment. We couldn't finish the training that day. So I asked her to go see her doctor to find out why that happened.

Though two weeks later she came back looking very excited. She told me that the doctor said the reason why that happened it's because she became healthier and the dosage of the meds she was taking became too strong for her; as a result, they elevated her heart rate. So her doctor took her off the meds. Therefore, when I heard that I said to myself: what's greater than helping someone live a healthier and a happier life? I like working with people and I like helping people, so from there I changed my major again to become a Fitness Instructor. So if you like my training and it helps you in anyway please let everyone know by stating your testimony here. Thank you.


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